Thursday, 13 August 2015

RPG A Day 2015 - Day Thirteen

Favourite RPG Podcast.

Ok so this one is tricky as I don't actually listen to podcasts of any form any more.  That said about 7 or 8 years ago (need to check that!) I was listening to lots and lots of podcasts although not all of them were RPG related.

Pulp Gamer
Fear The Boot
The Tome Show
Sons Of Kryos
Have Games, Will Travel
Errrrrmmm memory failing me!

There were several / many more that I listened to including a Savage Worlds specific one that I can't remember the name of with Ron Blessing I think?
Yeah Ron and his wife did "The Game's The Thing". Yeah that was pretty good.

Ah wait I was supposed to choose favourite one...

I'll plump for Pulp Gamer but not for RPG reasons. It was the GAMA Trade Show and Family Night podcasts that they did which really spoke to me about what I could achieve through opening up a game store or starting a games club.

For that I'm forever in Don Dehm and the late Derek Rex's debt.  Thanks guys.