Thursday, 2 January 2014

Battletech: Alpha Strike

Way way back at the beginning of this blog I posted about Battletech.

As I said back then I tried playing the full (well Introductory Set) rules and it didn’t quite work for me.  That aside the universe and the idea of playing with giant robot mechs (I’m a boy after all!) has stayed with me since then.

What I didn’t want to do though was just try again without really getting the chance to play a full game and properly which led to the box sitting unloved on my shelf.
That is until recently.

I heard about Alpha Strike through one of the many blogs I peruse.  Unfortunately I cannot recall which blog it was (apologies mystery blogger) but it immediately caught my eye.  What’s that you say?  A rules-lite version of Battletech that can be played in under 2 hours?  Really???
Apparently so.

Having picked the rulebook up as part of my Christmas haul I’ve now read the Introductory Rules for the game and it is very much a distilled version of the core game, simplifying everything.  This makes me think that it could live up to its reputation of being a quick game but also a very deadly game when it comes to combat (which of course helps with the quick game part).

The Battletech Forums have gone a bit crazy (in a good way) for Alpha Strike and some very kind individual has posted a link to the stat cards for all the mechs that came in the 25th Anniversary Introductory box set which is most useful.

So what does this all mean then?  Well it means that I plan on playing Alpha Strike at the games club and knowing that there are a number of people with the introductory box set I know that there will be a few players that I can entice into playing.

What else does it mean?

Hmmm it means I probably want to remind myself of how badly I’d painted those minis… and will probably be tempted to re-paint them…

Hmmmm maybe there is a downside to this?! ;-)