Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tumbleweed Mark 2

So I've not written anything here for a while and whilst part of me feels bad, overall I don't really feel like I've missed it.

I've been really busy with game related stuff and also with work so not really had the time nor the impetus to post much.  The topics I set out in the turn of the year post are still ones I want to cover and hope to get to in due course but there's a general feeling of "we're done" with the primary objective of the blog i.e. chart the journey of re-discovering my hobby. I think I'm pretty much there now.

Ok so there are things I still want to do with my hobby and the Wheaton maxim of playing more games is part of it but the original reasoning for creating the blog was to chart that journey of re-discovery.

Through that journey I've found that board and card games are where I'm at and whilst other formats are still important to me I don't feel the need to plough ahead with doing more of those whereas the desire to play more board and card games remains.

With East Neuk Tabletop about to celebrate it's 1st Birthday this weekend coming and with recent exploits of promoting board games in schools I think I'm pretty much there with what I wanted to achieve with the blog.

So there comes a question - what's next?

I could mothball it until that impetus returns.

I dunno.
Rethink the core objective?
Well I know what I don't want this blog to be, trouble I don't know what I DO want this blog to be...

Let's see what happens.