Wednesday, 26 August 2015

RPG A Day 2015 - Day Twenty Six

Favourite Inspiration For Your Game?

Some of this goes back to the setting post as Dragonlance and Star Wars are my strongest influences in game plot development.

What I'd add into that mix though would be a variety of other media associated with whichever genre of game I'm looking to run.

As an example if I want to run a pulp-y sci-fi game I'll watch ye olde Buster Crabbe versions of Flash Gordon.

The options and sources for inspiration particularly from books and TV/film media are almost limitless but sometimes it's the inspiration that comes from the unexpected that works the best rather than searching explicitly for it.

I remember a game of Squadron UK / Golden Heroes that I ran which essentially came from watching the news about a hostage situation at a school.  Not a story that would normally be associated with inspiring you but the hook for me was that in a world where super-powered beings existed, would those same situations exist.

The short answer was unfortunately yes and so I wrote a scenario about rescuing kids from a school that were being held hostage by super powered villains.  I've only used it a couple of times but it's an interesting use of tone for a superhero game.

Anyway, if anyone is interest I did do a PDF of the scenario concept way back in 2005 and would be happy to share it.  No stats included so works generically.  I think I also have some rudimentary maps somewhere...