Saturday, 29 August 2015

RPG A Day 2015 - Days Twenty Eight to Thirty One

Missed a couple of days and expect to miss a couple more so here's the last 4 entries in 1 post.  Yes I know I'm posting some ahead of when I should but if I don't then I'll miss them too!

28 - Favourite Game You No Longer Play (but want to again).

This post is going to be using the very loose definition of "play" as the RPGs I am currently playing really only works if the word "currently" is used to cover games played this year.

So that's only 2 different RPGs and they are Star Wars : Edge Of The Empire and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  In total I've probably ran about 10 games this year which is far fewer than I had planned.

That aside which RPG do I no longer play that I want to play again?

Erm - I don't think I have one... If you had asked me just over a year ago I would have chosen D&D purely because I was looking forward to playing it at Gen Con.
Now though I'm not sure I have a favourite that I no longer play as my 2 favourite RPGs have pretty much always been D&D and a Star Wars RPG of some form or another.

29 - Favourite RPG website or blog?

Gone are the days when I used to go to EN World or and I'm not really sure why other than other content takes up that time.

My entry here is pretty easy and if you have any interest in the Star Wars RPG I suggest you check out this site - Triumph & Despair

Honourable mention for Gnome Stew which I check out from time to time.

30 - Favourite RPG playing celebrity?

I don't have one. Sorry!  In some respects that's probably down to never really associating my RPG hobby with someone else's celebrity status...  Vin Diesel is kinda cool though.

31 - Favourite non-RPG thing that came out of RPGing?

*scratches head* My most prized possession that's RPG related but isn't used in game would be my collection of RPG (and other tabletop game format) t-shirts.  Most of these are from Offworld Designs but I also have others from We Love Fine who do a great range of D&D t-shirts.

Here endeth #RPGaDay2015