Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August's Gaming - A look back.

My gaming time is exclusively Friday nights at the moment.

During August I managed to play the following games over 3 sessions of gaming.

The Resistance twice.
Played it wrong the first time (which seems to be a pattern!) but got it mostly right the second time.
Excellent game and definitely has great roleplaying possibilities as well as acting as a simple bluffing game.

Sentinels Of The Multiverse twice.
First time with all of the expansions and some heroes getting their first outing.  Excellent fun as ever and great to introduce someone else to the game.

D&D Next once plus a character creation session.
I've posted elsewhere on this but I'm starting to look forward to the next playtest packet if only because it will be the last before the final game is released (likely) next year.

Bang! once.
The rules are so badly translated but once you work your way around them and increase your understanding it really is a fun game.  I seem to die most games so need to work on not having that happen!

So that's 3 sessions of gaming with 6 games played + 1 character creation session.  Not bad.

What do I take from that?  Board Games are very very adaptable to multiple plays in 1 night. Obviously that's down to the board game but being able to fill available time by playing a board game is a great thing.

The Resistance and Bang! in particular are really great as pickup games for large groups of players but Sentinels remains at the forefront of the board/card gaming section of this 2nd Chapter.