Friday, 20 September 2013

The Daily Dilemma

This is post 67 and I've recently been rethinking my approach to the blog.  Actually rethinking is too strong a term, probably more accurate to say "more thinking".

When I set out to do this I wanted it to be a daily digest/brain dump of whatever views or insights I had about a particular topic of the hobby, how things were developing in relation to my hobby and also to capture any ideas I wanted to share.

I still want to do all of that but I have started to wonder if the signal to noise ratio of the blog is impacted by it being a daily post.

Looking at the stats (which is a bad idea in many respects) I can see patterns around what topics are read and what days of the week see the least traffic.  Nothing conclusive as yet to take from them really, after all this has only been going for just over 2 months and I've really only started to "promote" it in the last couple of weeks.

I'm comfortable with the daily post element and have sufficient content for that to continue for quite some time yet but I do wonder if that's necessary and worthwhile...

I can cover a lot more topics and nuances of each of the elements I referenced above.
There's no deep rooted analysis happening here, a lot of the content is surface/light-touch commentary rather than anything scientific which in some respects makes a daily post workable.
Ermmm that's it I think?

Signal to Noise - is the content lost on the reader. I can't really comment on that but I do wonder if daily posts are overkill.
Repetitive Content / Low Content - There are days (due to other commitments mostly) I can't make an update so forward posting is really the only way to maintain that daily post.  Does the content suffer or indeed do I run the risk of not having a post ready?

One of the options I thought of before was to structure the posts based on days of the week.  By that I mean having specific topics allocated to a different day.  So I'd talk about e.g. RPGs on a Monday, The Hobby on a Tuesday, etc.  Not sure that'll work and it may constrain my ability to make an update.

People of the internet, purveyors of this content, trolls under the bridge I ask you for your guidance!

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