Saturday, 14 September 2013

Seasons is a game of layers.

Not that long ago I picked up a copy of Seasons.

I picked it up on a whim really, I knew of it but only that there had been positive noises on the internet.  Plus the box had the typical Asmodee approach of "lets use lots of colours to dazzle the weak into buying our games", or at least that's my excuse!

So what is Seasons and why did I buy it?

2-4 player dice/card/resource management game, which scales in based on the number of players and can have varying levels of complexity.
Each player is a wizard looking to gather resources to build up their power and ultimately have the most power (represented by crystals and magic items) before 3 years passes.

I bought it because the board looked really really weird.  I also bought it because I knew who I could get to play it with me.

Having now recently played it I have to admit that 30 minutes in my fellow gamers and I were looking at each other scratching our heads and struggling to get to grips with the game.  However as we persevered through the game more and more the rules started to click into place and by the end of the 2nd year of the game we felt confident enough to re-introduce more rules that had confused us earlier.

By the end of the game all 4 of us agreed that the game was awesome.  Seriously, this game has so many layers of complexity and options about what you can do turn to turn it's obviously been written by some crazy mathematical genius type.  Reminder that we were using the most basic of rules when playing.  The layers of the game are further advanced by using a larger card pool to build the year decks.

I look forward to my next game of Seasons.  It really took us by surprised by how good it was; especially after that first 30 minutes of not really getting it.