Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Long November

November looks like being a long month for me for a variety of reasons.

My day job as a Project Manager is something that keeps me very busy.  In November I am changing role and moving from 1 large financial services institution to another and that will likely detract from a) my hobby and *apologies in advance* may also impact on b) this blog.

I'm hoping that neither will be the case but such as the way of things I can only see long days ahead which will minimise my time available to do things like this.

However, I'm not one to walk away from a challenge!

By the time this post goes live I hope to have gone through the character creation process for the D&D game I am planning to run.  This will be using the last playtest packet for D&D Next ahead of the formal release which some indicators still suggest will be in 2014 (GenCon!?) but there are others that suggest it might slip into 2015.  I'm hedging my bets on 2014 largely because of it being the 40th anniversary of D&D and I think WotC would be making a mistake to miss that one.  Unless of course they plan to use that to re-release the original D&D box set in a non-collectible format...  Something I'd probably end up buying anyway.

Also November is a 5 Friday month which means there's 1 additional slot of gaming goodness on the horizon.  I expect it to go something like this -

1st November - Well I've already covered that as I expect to be going through character creation for D&D Next.  I also expect to have read the rules by then but that may be unlikely...
8th November - Board/Card Games methinks.
15th November - Star Wars campaign kick off.  As I've said elsewhere on here I'm planning to use the Beyond The Rim scenario as the framework for this.  There is a concern that, at least initially, I'll be using the book as written but as with most published scenarios I will likely deviate from it enough to give the players enough variety in play.  I've read through the book once so far and I have a few ideas for alternate railroad stations but I definitely need to re-read it and expand my notes a bit ahead of this session.
22nd November - Board/Card Games methinks again.
29th November - This is an interesting one as with it being a 5 Friday month I'm tempted to do something different.  Not entirely sure what that would be other than perhaps let +Erik Langskaill beat me at Star Wars LCG again.  Alternatively I could kick off the D&D Campaign which might be the more logical option; assuming of course that we've agreed a setting for it!

December however is a short month with really only 3 Fridays in it that I will be likely to game on so the temptation grows to get the D&D Campaign kicked off in November and have D&D and Star Wars take precedence over Board/Card Gaming.

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