Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Conpulsion 2014 - The positives.

Having just spent the weekend at Conpulsion 2014 in Edinburgh and having very mixed emotions and a wide range of thoughts I felt it best to compartmentalise those various elements and do a series of posts.

This is the first of those posts.

So, the positives.

Actually before we dig into that, some scene setting.

I go to Conpulsion to socialise with friends that I don't see very often.  It's my "local" convention and as such it normally turns into a gathering of people I know where we catch up, drink alcohol, talk nonsense and maybe play games.  I say maybe play games because that's not actually why I go which in itself is a bit weird.

Now with that in mind I look at the con from perhaps a different perspective than most attendees.

So what were the positives?

I got to spend some quality time with +Liz Mackie where we conspired to resolve every issue known to the gaming hobby.  Well either that or we just talked non-stop about almost every conceivable hobby related subject we could cram in.

I also got to spend a little bit of quality time and even play a game with +Robert Stewart.  Robert ran the first ever game of All Flesh Must Be Eaten that I played in at +ORC Edinburgh all those years ago.  Even if his Hawaiian shirt was more "Jungle" than Hawaii for me ;-)

I had a long non-gaming chat with my good friend +darren stewart and we've made a pact to meet up again in the next few weeks to continue those conversations.  Plus we can bitch about +myles loughran at the same time.  Only because we both love Myles so much though, honest!

I also got to have fleeting (all too fleeting in some cases) conversations with other people I used to game with at +ORC Edinburgh.

Those aside I got to catch up with Liam and +Stuart Clark outside of the realms of Black Lion Games which I rarely get the chance to do these days unfortunately.

I also managed to immerse myself in my hobby for a whole weekend and remind myself why I'm part of such a great community of people.

Oh, and I also played a game.  Just the one though... actually let's focus on the game in the next post.

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