Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gamers Guide to London?

I'm going to London in October for a week's holiday with my family and it got me thinking about how there are travel guides for practically everything these days.

That got me thinking.  Why isn't there a "gamers guide to <insert city>" out there?  Not even a blog or series of blogs that gives you the lowdown on what shops to visit, clubs to attend or anything like that.

Now I know there are lists of shops on various websites and lists of clubs too but I find it a bit odd that even a "Geeks Guide" type website doesn't exist.

So London, what do you have for me?

Store wise I know of 2.

The Orcs Nest - - I've been before whilst on a business trip and it's a well stocked shop if restricted by it's relatively small size.  I wasn't expecting it to be palatial or anything but it was smaller than I'd hoped.  But then again it is pretty much in central London so no doubt their overheads won't be small.  I'll no doubt visit again in October if only to have a browse.

Leisure Games - - Never been here but then again it's not central London which is normally where I go when in London for work.  This time though whilst the rest of my family are away doing stuff I won't (anything that involves being up high essentially!) I plan to take a trip out and who knows might end up buying something too.

Clubs?  There are several that I know of but on this occasion I'm not likely to be able to join in.  Maybe the next time I'm down with work...

Have I missed anything obviously gamer related in London?  If so, please let me know!