Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Value Checkpoint - August 2013

I'm not planning on doing a month to month value analysis of my hobby but I will from time to time produce something that gives you a view of how I measure it and where I might not be getting as much value from my hobby as I would like.

As I've said before value for money is something that really is down to the individual to determine whether they think they're getting it or not.

For me it's measured by number of plays and number of players that take part in the games.

So my value tracker looks something like this -

Game Spend Plays £ / Play Ave Players £ / Player
Star Wars RPG £90.96 8 £11.37 6 £1.90
Sentinels £79.99 12 £6.67 4 £1.67
Star Wars LCG £79.95 2 £39.98 2 £19.99
X-Wing £53.97 4 £13.49 2 £6.75
Bang £24.99 4 £6.25 5 £1.25
Resistance £16.99 2 £8.50 6 £1.42
Zombie Dice £9.99 3 £3.33 5 £0.67
Straw £12.99 3 £4.33 3 £1.44

This isn't a complete list of the games I own, more a list of games that I've bought as part of the 2nd Chapter.
Now from that list you can see that there are some games that I need to play more of to get that value for money with Star Wars LCG being the one that stands out the most.

As I've mentioned previously I don't expect the stats on X-Wing to change as I plan to sell my copy of the game, not because I don't like it more down to it just not being my sort of game.

I'm also not listing D&D Next here largely because it's free to playtest plus we've only just started to play it.