Monday, 15 July 2013

I'm Dave and I'm a Roleplayer

and a board gamer, a card gamer and every so often a CCG (well Magic anyway) gamer.

When I decided to close the 1st Chapter I knew that rediscovering my hobby was something that I'd struggle with.

This was more about reminding myself why I enjoyed it than it was about finding people I wanted to enjoy it with but at the same time I had to find those people with whom I'd be comfortable doing that with.

Closing the 1st Chapter was not easy and it was fairly traumatic emotionally and because of that I couldn't bring myself to re-engage with a lot of the people I associated with it's closure.

What I chose to do was to not give up my hobby and so I set myself on a plan to rediscover what I loved about it.  To do that I opted to go for a few different approaches - "Something a little bit different", "Go with what you know" and "Try something new".

Each of these are covered in their own posts.

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