Monday, 22 July 2013

Small moves...

So it started to re-take shape through playing the new Star Wars RPG from FFG.

The main difference I was finding at this point what that I was looking forward to the games and I don't just mean the Star Wars RPG.

The Star Wars LCG game had been sitting on my shelf for several months and I'd got a couple of the Force Packs by this time and yet had never played it.

So enlisting my trusty fellow gamer Erik we set about playing this.  I really enjoyed it despite Erik beating me both times we played.  It certainly takes a little getting used to as the only real card game of that ilk (2-Player competitive) I've played is Magic.

The deck construction rules are a little strange at first but given we were only using the cards from the core set it didn't really come up.  Your deck consists of 10 objective sets or 8 if you're using the core set only. These are blocks of 6 cards with 1 of them being the objective and the other 5 being cards you use to attack your opponent (command deck).

My only grumble is the name "objective" as I don't actually see them as objectives.  They're resources and buffs and all sorts of other things but not objectives. An objective is something you try to succeed at achieving.  The objective of the game is fairly simple and while these sets are used to help you to achieve the overall objective they are not objectives themselves.
If you're the Dark Side you win by having the Death Star dial reach 12 or by the Light Side player running out of cards.
If you're the Light Side you win by destroying 3 Dark Side objectives or by the Dark Side player running out of cards.

So a better name?  I dunno, I'm not a game designer ;-)  In saying that though given that the other deck is called Command Deck could the objectives not be the Conflict or Control Deck?  Nah doesn't sound right either, plus as I say it's a grumble nothing more and certainly doesn't detract from the game.

If you want to learn more about the game then FFG have good video intro on their website -

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