Tuesday, 23 July 2013

So what's the point?

Why am I making this blog?

For probably 3 reasons.

1) I enjoy talking about the hobby.  After all that's kinda why the 1st Chapter happened.  So the blog won't be just about my experiences of the hobby of tabletop games but will also talk about "the hobby of tabletop games".  What's the difference?  Well that's probably a post in itself...  Posts about "the hobby" will be labelled with "the hobby" simple huh?

2) I am broadening my interest in the hobby.  For a long time I was just a Roleplayer.  If I've taken anything from the 1st Chapter it's that I am now interested in other formats of tabletop gaming.  Whether that be board games, card games or who knows maybe even war games although I think that's unlikely!  Of course there's also a lot about Roleplaying Games that I could write but they're no longer the sole part of the hobby that I enjoy.  Posts about "my hobby" will be labelled with "my hobby".

3) I can see me using this as a brainstorming zone for RPG storylines.  I have been generating a lot of ideas over the past few months for campaigns, something that hasn't happened in a long time which I've put down to how the 1st Chapter ended.  Those ideas are D&D-style and Star Wars settings but not limited to those and I can see me using the blog to share some of those ideas.  Posts about my ideas will be labelled with "ideas".

There are probably more reasons but those are the 3 that stick out.  If I detour from any of those 3 topics I'll tag it differently.

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